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Google Workspace:

  • Provides a comprehensive solution to problems by combining tools for effective work and communication.

  • All content created by employees belongs to the company, ensuring control and security of data.

  • Centralized control of data security ensures reliable protection of information.

  • Manages user accounts and devices.

  • Establishes a single information space supported by convenient collaboration applications.

  • Compatible with all devices, platforms, and participants for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

  • Features autosaving and the ability to work offline with subsequent synchronization.

  • Offers the ability to conduct online conferences, ensuring effective remote interaction between employees.


  • Connect with colleagues and clients worldwide.

  • Plan collaborative events and meetings.

  • Conduct online consultations and training webinars.

Storage and Search

  • Store, share, and access your files securely in one place.

  • Quickly search for content across all G Suite spaces: Gmail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, etc.

Management and control

Securely and easily manage users, devices and data


  • An online editor for text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and slides allows multiple users to collaborate and edit documents simultaneously, saving a history of changes.

  • An online editor for creating questionnaires and surveys, with data analysis capabilities using Google Sheets.

  • Quickly record notes and set reminders, instantly synchronizing with all devices.

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